So I was wrong...

In my last post, I was certain the Conservatives were in for a fall in the election, and would lose some of their seats. Huh. I was wrong. I expected a slightly different outcome than what we received. Too bad, I was hopeful. Next time.

It is being said that Stephane Dion will be stepping down as the Liberal Party leader today. What a shame. I'm not his "biggest fan" as a politician, but I think as a human being he seems fairly decent. But it's a shame the Liberal party selected him in the first place and generally wasted his time. There were other candidates who I personally felt could have fared much better. I didn't understand why they chose him at all, but hey I'm not a Liberal, so what do I care. lol Back to the drawing board for the Libs. Bonne chance, M. Dion! Thanks for your attempt to have a "fun Canada!". (One of the best lines from the leader's debate, ever!). And good luck to the Liberals in finding a replacement. Choose wisely, grasshoppers...

I hope we do not see reform in the NDP party. I think I am one of the few I know who actually likes Jack Layton. Sure he's a little shmultzy and over the top with that big smile of his at times, but he's got charisma and character, and a good head on his shoulders. I see victory for Mr. Layton in the future, if the party allows him to continue on. And if the people of Ontario get their heads out of the sand and quit saying, "I can't do it again! Not after what Bob Rae did to Ontario!", perhaps this country could see some reform for once.

It's funny - Bob Rae has jumped ship to the Federal Liberals, and now that he wears a different colour, he's okay? He was elected in his riding the other night. So who was the problem in Ontario? Bob Rae or the NDP? (It was Bob! A new red coat doesn't make him any less of who he was when he led the Ontario NDP, folks!).

*shaking my head*

Elizabeth May - time will tell her fate. She is getting all the glory for bringing the party up to where it currently stands with nearly 7% of the popular vote, but it must be noted that the momentum was started back in 2004 with Harris as the leader, who led the party to an almost 4% jump in popularity. May and the Greens have continued that momentum, and for that she should be proud, but she did not create it.

What an interesting county we live in. So divided, so torn. What choice we have though! For that I am very grateful. We all should be. Regardless of majority, minority, seats or none, we have choice!

Oh, Canada

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Today is election day in Canada. Or, as I am calling it, the biggest farce and waste of money this country has ever seen. The Conservatives stand to be re-elected with a very narrow margin, forming yet another minority government (and this time with a smaller minority!) which will cause another election to be called, likely next fall. Farce.

It sickens and saddens me that they are entering this election polling at about 34%, and they stand to win. 34%! The majority of Canadians do not want the Conservative Government to retain power, however they are so bloody well torn on who to vote for on the left that we will continue to suffer until next fall when an election is sure to be called again. Wasteful. Shameful. Irritating!

We need serious electoral reform in this country. This "first past the post" stuff doesn't work for us anymore. A more proportionate representation is what we should be fighting for. "Should" being the operative word. Canadians, sadly, are so complacent and "la-di-da" about the Government and policies that affect them that it will never happen. Nobody cares enough. That troubles me. It also troubles me that more Canadians tuned into the US Vice Presidential debates than for the Canadian leadership debates.

Come on, people!

I'd love to see penalties for those who don't vote included in our electoral reform. Fines, jail time - I'm not picky. It is your civic duty to vote, and I see no excuse for NOT voting, other than your own apathy, ignorance and laziness.

I cast my vote this morning. I waffled, I debated myself, I questioned what was the "right" way to vote. In the end, I just marked my X where I thought it would be best served. I know I can't really affect the outcome of the election that much with my one little vote, but dammit - I'm willing to try.

If you haven't voted yet, please do. If not, don't complain later when things happen and changes are made that you aren't too pleased with. You give up that right when you ignore your duty.