Once again, it's been a while...

Yes, I took a little hiatus from blogging. Boredom? Perhaps. Nothing of interest to say? I think so. Busy life? Definitely. And I probably still don't have much to say that will be of interest to my readers (if any should still exist), but a wise woman advised me some time ago, "Write for yourself, nobody else". So once again, I am going to attempt it. We'll see how it goes this time.

Life hasn't got any less busy. In fact, I am much busier these days. Chasing my kids, managing/promoting a dear friend's comedy career, training to become a Birth Doula and living life on this gorgeous planet of ours has been keeping me very busy. The difference is, I am wasting less of my spare time than I was 6+ months ago. The departure of cable from our household has made a huge difference in our lives, and a welcome difference to be sure. Perhaps not from my kids' perspectives, but definitely from mine.

I've taken up all sorts of hobbies again, reading being the one I missed the most. Like many of my friends, I succumbed to the hype that is "Twilight". I couldn't understand why all my 30-something friends were so ga-ga over these books, and this teen aged vampire named "Edward". So one day while grocery shopping, I spotted the book with a big sticker that said "25% off" and thought, "Why not?". I opened the book that night after the kids were in bed, and settled into the couch with the CBC playing gently in the background. I read until 2 am that night, unable to put it down, and finished it the next afternoon. I went stir crazy trying to find the next 3 to read, and wouldn't begin the last chapter of each until I had the following book in my hands. They each sucked me in as easily as the first, and within a week I had read the four books in the series and was satisfied.

Team Edward, all the way. ;)

That was 2 months ago now. Since then, I have read 6 more books by various authors. I pat myself on the back because save for parenting and self help books, I have not read for pleasure in the past 6 years. I'm back, and I love it! (And book suggestions are always welcome!)

I think the return to reading is what has inspired me to return to writing. I was being fed with too many pictures for a time there, and not enough words. I love words. Of course, I love pictures too which is why I love photography. But I want to see pictures I choose, not those that are fed to me by corporate sponsors trying to influence my decisions and take my money.

With the summer soon to arrive, the blog will be filled with photos and stories of our many summer adventures. I hope you will enjoy it and keep reading. Please, say hello once in a while and give me your thoughts, feedback, thoughtful debate... anything!

For now, peace and love.

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Tiffany Rose said...

hi JO. I've just set up a blogger and i was flicking through some other peoples blogs and came across yours!
I like the twilightbooks aswell and dont worry i'll be your reader and you wont loose me LOL
please take alook at my blog. i would be very gratefull. ill check in every day. xoxo Tiffany PWB