Dear Diary...

It's been a full year since I've logged in and written a blog post. A year!! Too busy? Too lazy? I'm not sure. But I'm here, once again, with an itch to write. As always I will give it my best shot, keep writing and keep my creative juices flowing. I can't always promise an interesting read, and I won't, because my writing is entirely self indulgent and for, well, me! Of course you are more than welcome to spectate and comment, and I hope you will.

Blogging reminds me of the diary I kept (or attempted to keep) when I was a young girl. It was sporadic at best, only a little less mature. I found my old diary - a small book with a white "pleather" cover and cute brown bears eating dandylions - a couple of years ago and had a good laugh at some of my entries. Silly girl stuff, you know. "I'm not friends with X anymore" or, "I'm soooo in love with Y". If there is one thing I learned about myself and my childhood reading that, it is how utterly and ridiculously boy crazy I was.

(Ahem. No comments from the peanut gallery out there on that last line. You know who you are, and I know what you want to say.)

So what have I been up to since my last post a full year ago you ask? Lots. Too much to go into so here is the condensed all encompassing list: fall, winter, spring and half of a summer, work, children, daycare, school functions, more work, home renovations, gardening, family weekends away, camping, hiking, playing, canoeing, fun, fun and more fun!

Yep. It's been a busy year.

More blog posts to come, when I think of something of more value to say. For now I must pack. Off on a 5 day camping trip after work tomorrow. Very much looking forward to the R&R, and a disconnect from "life". And perhaps a reconnect with my ol' Nikon. Sadly, I haven't picked up my camera in quite a while. A good nature shoot is long overdue.

Until next time, peace! Be good to each other.

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