Roses in November

I had roses blooming in November this year. November! In Southwestern Ontario, that's a very rare sight. Normally by November we are shovelling our drives in freezing temperatures that make your toes curl, and complaining to each other, "I can't wait for SPRING!"

Not this year.

This year so far we've had very little frost, and more temperatures in the plus digits then I have fingers to count on. We have had one massive, 3 foot dumping of snow that melted within 2 days of it falling. My grass is beautifully green, and my rose bushes are budding. This is not winter!

It is. It's just the 'modified' version of it. It's global warming.

Someone said to me once, "Bah! Global warming is nothing but BS. Just another scare tactic for control on the part of 'the establishment'." I wonder if he still feels the same way after seeing the deadliest storm season ever in 2005, and experiencing the same weather that I am right now.

I wonder if he has watched An Inconvenient Truth and realized that the facts can't be denied. It's all in black and white - we are killing our planet. And we're not doing it slowly. The cynic in me says, "Nope. He hasn't, and if he has, he doesn't care. It's all 'humbug' to him!". The optimist in me hopes he has, that he is taking it seriously, and that every person on the face of this planet does the same.

My resolution for this year is to make sure every person I know and come in contact with knows the truth about global warming, and to beg them to vow to do their part to change their actions to save our planet. I also beg that people start lobbying their governments and demand that they stop ignoring the truth about global warming, and create strong, honest policies that will take immediate action. A "50 year plan" is not effective, and sweeping it under the carpet will not make it go away.

So to my friends and blog readers, your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch An Inconvenient Truth. Take it seriously, understand it's message, and take action!

Don't get me wrong, I like roses! They are beautiful and fragrant, and are a symbol of life and love to me. But they are a symbol of warm weather and "summer", not winter. Not where I live...

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instant gratification girl said...

yes Jo, I agree whole heartedly! My hubby and I have watched An Inconvenient Truth and have vowed to make our company and our home carbon neutral. I challenge everyone to do their part to cut back on their emissions and fund the planting of trees to neutralize ALL their carbon emissions. It's a start.