It's been a while...

My poor blog. I think it feels lost, lonely, betrayed...

I found my inspiration at the beginning of the year and vowed to blog my little heart out. I had aspirations of posting my deepest thoughts on world issues, the media, and quirky little stories about my family. Then, *kaboom!*. Out of no where life dealt me a blow (which I have not and will not blog about, due to personal reasons) that rocked my world and sent me into a slight "seclusion". However, all is right in the world again and I am back!

I also had ambitions to keep up two blogs - one personal and one political/social. I realize now that that was a little over ambitious of me and will contain my posts all to one blog now - "The Kamikaze Butterfly". Someone asked me recently, "What is a 'Kamikaze Butterfly' anyway?" The explanation isn't overly glamorous, but it recalls a nice memory for me.

First off, the word 'kamikaze' is a Japanese word meaning "divine wind", and usually refers to the suicide attacks made by Japanese pilots during WWII. These attacks saw Japanese pilots deliberately crashing their planes into naval vessels. No, I'm not planning on becoming a suicidal kamikaze pilot anytime soon, but I do plan on making some wind. Divine...? Likely not, but definitely wind!

I need not define "butterfly" for you, as I'm sure you all know what it is - a slender bodied insect with four broad wings and two antennae. While I haven't suddenly morphed into such an insect, I always have been a bit of a "social butterfly", and I float on imaginary wings.

While in South Carolina visiting a friend several years ago, I think it was around August or September, we were driving in her car and being dive bombed left and right by Monarch butterflies who were migrating South for the winter. There were literally thousands of them falling out of the sky. I referred to them as "kamikaze butterflies" and we laughed. Whenever the Monarch's visit my yard in the summer I think about that trip and those crazy butterflies, and it makes me smile.

I always thought it would make a good name for a band, and decided that for blogging purposes that is who I would be. The "Kamikaze Butterfly". The social butterfly, dive bombing my friends and readers with sometimes opinionated, sometimes nonsensical and sometimes funny stories of life, love and the world around us. Stories that I hope will make you laugh, cry, think, realize and do.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." I hope you will see my wishes for this world through my words, and exact change in yourself and the world around you. The Butterfly is back, and more opinionated than ever! (Okay, well, not really... but I am ready to write. Are you ready to read?)

Until next time, peace! :o)

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