To my faithful readers (all 6 of you! lol) my apologies! I have been very absent from my blog since Alice finished school. But I have a good excuse! We've been busy! And I have the pictures to prove it. I live for the summer, and we practically live outdoors for the 4 glorious, sun filled months that we get. Since July 1st I would estimate that we have ridden our bikes over 200 kms, visited every park in the city, hiked many a trail and swam so much we are growing gills!
There's so much I could write about, and so many posts in my head that I've been dying to write, but unfortunately they will have to wait. We're off on yet another adventure tomorrow. A weekend in Toronto (staying at the lovely Chateau R. Gifford), beginning with a stop at Canada's Wonderland tomorrow, Centre Island on Sunday and maybe Kensington Market on Sunday before returning home. Stories will certainly follow!

For now I'm going to let the pictures tell the story of our last month. Enjoy and see you on the flip side!

Canada Day, 2007 - Brad and Jack on the bike, and Alice in the trailer, and me trailing along behind. We rode to the other side of the city on some wonderful bike trails, stopped at a couple of parks along the way, ending at Springbank park for a picnic. We definitely burned the KFC off on the way home.

Alice and her daddy went fishing on his holidays. Alice baited her own hooks and was hillarious with the worms. "You're a cute little worm right now, but in a minute you're FISH FOOD!". Her and daddy each caught a couple of little perch. She wanted to bring them home and, ".... clean them up and eat 'em for dinner!". Daddy tossed them back though.

We were given a quick set pool by a friend this summer (thanks Lisa!) and Alice has become quite the little fish. It doesn't matter what the temperature is outside, she wants in the pool. I told her today, "The water is cold, buddy. You won't like it." Alice declared, "It's never too cold for Alice!". So, we opened the cover, cleaned it out and she hopped in. She was out in 5 minutes. Apparently 72 f is too cold for Alice... Jack makes a wonderful pool boy, but isn't fond of any temperature less than 82 f.

Alice and I went strawberry picking. The berries were small, but sooooo ripe and sweet. We came home and made 15 jars of strawberry jam. I still have more berries left, so will make another batch when we get home.

That's all for now, folks! Check back soon!!!


Lisa said...

that's awesome Jo! Glad you guys are enjoying your summer, we can certainly understand your being busy....we've been super busy ourselves! Great pictures and Alice is such a hoot! lol

Meredith aka Rhys' Pieces said...

Hey Jo!

Your summer sounds like a hoot! Glad to see you are out and enjoying the sun :-)

Below is ou blog, which I try to update weekly. Out pics are on
Picturetrail under paulmeredithandrhys :-)