Jack be nimble, Jack be quick...

... Jack jumped over his crib rail... Ick!

Oh boy. It's upon us, and I'm not ready.

This morning I heard a little "thump" and looked around to see what it was. The cat was lying on the floor by me, so I deduced that it wasn't all 30 lbs of him jumping down from something. Alice was still sawing logs in her bed, and I didn't hear any tears so assumed it wasn't a child falling out of bed. And I was partially right. Nobody fell out of their bed. He JUMPED!

*rattle, rattle, rattle* went the doorknob on Jack's bedroom door. I opened it and saw my little man standing there on the other side with a huge smile on his face. He pointed to the crib and exclaimed, "Aye-ya!" (his usual word for, well, just about anything!).

"You little monkey!", I thought to myself.

As I see it we have two options: 1) Change his name to Harry (as in Houdini, because with his short legs, I'm not sure how my little escape artist got out of his crib to begin with!), or 2) take down the crib and set up the "big boy bed". I'm voting for the former right now, as I'm so not ready to put him in a bed yet.

Putting him in a bed means that he's turning into more of a boy and less of 'my baby'. And it means no rest for mommy! Alice took to her bed like a pro and once she was in there, she wanted to stay in there for the night (yeah, that's changed now at 4.5, but it was great for the first few years!). Jack, however, will be out of that bed and socializing at every possible opportunity.


He's just 17 months. I'm not ready for this! Perhaps we'll give it a little time and see if this turns into a regular occurrence. I think I already know my answer to that one though. Jack is the type of boy that once he has figured something out, he will master it and won't stop until he does. This is going to be the first of many escape attempts, and for his own safety I know what we are going to have to do.

Jack, you're growing up too fast, my boy! Slow down. Mommy wants to hold on to your babyness for just a little longer...


Lisa said...

oh oh! can you keep the rail down and get a set of those geriatric dog stairs...the kind that are nice and wide and cushy so he can climb down and if he falls.....they're nice and soft! lol
sorry...I don't know! I'd vote for the big boy bed or a mattress on the floor. We did a queen mattress on the floor for Anika so we could lay down (and fall asleep) with her until she konked out for the night! good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at the dog stairs idea - not that it isn't valid, I just know that after having three boys, a boy would never take the stairs if he could jump down.

Anonymous said...

I'd go for a twin bed with a bed rail...and don't make a big deal about it in front of him. don't let him know that you're expecting him to get out of bed again!
Tuck him in and tell him to call mommy if he needs anything!

I think a twin would be better in his room - and IF you had to lie with him for a few minutes (which you don't know, so I wouldn't get in the habit of it now), you'd fit! You're tiny! :)