A Day at the Fair

The fair is here! The fair is here! It kicked off last Friday and runs until this coming Sunday. We took the kids on Saturday, and a great time was had by all. But I must say - what a cash grab fairs are! We spent $90 on 2 adult entry fees, 40 ride tickets, lunch and special treats (we can't leave the fair without fudge and caramel apples!). Worth it I suppose, because we did enjoy ourselves, but ouch!

Alice enjoyed the rides and animals as always. We took in a "Birds of Prey" show and much to the kids' delight, the red tailed hawk landed right on daddy's head! Of course he had the camera so I couldn't take a picture of it! Jack's eyes were like organ stops though, and Alice was thrilled to be so close to the hawk.

But what she was really taken with was the reticulated python that "Little Ray's Reptile Zoo" was displaying.

She was absolutely fascinated by the 22 foot snake, petting it and checking out every inch of it's scaly skin. At one point she got a little too close to the python's head for our liking (and Ray's!), and we quickly removed her before she became lunch. It is amazing how little fear she has of snakes and creepy crawlies, considering I can't stand the things and let out whoops of displeasure should an earwig cross my path! I'm surprised I haven't scared her off from some of the critters she plays with in the garden.

From the yard we can still hear the sounds of the fair. People screaming and laughing on the rides, buzzers and bells being set off on games, and music from the evening concerts blow our way with the wind. It would be great to go back once more this year, but sadly our schedule (and pocket books!) won't allow it. Oh well. It will be back next year! :o)

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amy said...

We love the Fair too! I can't believe how expensive it has gotten. I seem to forget every year and then we aren't able to truly enjoy ourselves, because I didn't budget for it. Lesson learned (esp. now that both kids go and enjoy it!). Douglas won't stop asking to go back.

I'm glad you guys had fun!!!