Dear Poland...

Please tell me you are not serious?

Polish authorities probing if Teletubbies are gay

WARSAW (AFP) - Poland's child rights ombudsman said on Monday she was investigating whether "The Teletubbies," the British television show for infants, promotes homosexuality.

"It would be good for a group of psychologists to talk to children about this. We need to examine this. If inappropriate attitudes have been promoted, we need to react," said Ewa Sowinska.

Pssttt... I have a newsflash and possibly shocking revelation for the "Polish authorities" doing this investigation. The Teletubbies are not real. They are characters from a children's show!

*gasp, shock, horror*

And do they even have a gender? They walk around completely naked, but have no genitals of any sort showing. So how can we determine if they are male, female, gay or straight? And honestly, does it matter? Until I start hearing subliminal messages coming from the TV screen like, "You're a boy on the outside, but a girl inside! Tell the world! Be FREE! Cross over to the 'other' side little boy... Come play with us!", then I'm not going to worry too much.

Homosexuality is real, and it's here to stay. Banning Teletubbies isn't going to make Joe and Steve go back into the closet. Children need to be taught about homosexuality, and taught to accept it as a part of a normal, healthy society. We are in the year 2007 folks. If you're not comfortable with it yet, too bad. Time to get comfy because no matter what you do, it's not something that is just going to 'go away'.

I have two words in closing for the ombudsman who started this nonsense. To Ms. Sowinska: grow up.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes, what truly amazes me is how some folks chose to spend their time and energy. Are there not better causes 'out there?' Is there not some other research to be conducted that could actually benefit the lives of children?

Secondly, it surprises me how much this show has affected an ADULT. Wow. I would love to interview this lady! Obviously, it's stirring up some feelings in this woman!

Now, I can tell you that the creators do deem TW and Dipsy as boys; Po and LaaLaa as girls - mainly because of the actors who play these characters. (repeating here that actors portray these characters, they really aren't "real!")

As a child researcher who watched children play with a particular brand of Teletubby doll by themselves, and in conjunction with the TV program, for almost two years, I can tell you no child ages 6-36 months displayed a, um, "tendency" to "go one way or the other!" Nor were any parents concerned by Teletubby sexuality!

Key words here are as you stated: They are not real!