Dear Butterfly...

A message from an anonymous reader:

Dear Butterfly,

How come you haven't posted any funny stories about your
son? Is there some favouritism going on there?

Dear Anonymous Reader,

No, no favouritism here. Jack, at not even a year and a half old, is too young to really 'do' anything comical just yet. His personality is just starting to flourish. So far he is a very quiet, mellow little chap who smiles and giggles alot - our happy Buddha! Seeing as he doesn't have any words other than "Alice" (said "Ayis") and "Sanjaya" (A-ya-ya!), he's not giving us much to post about...yet.

What is that? Why does he say "Sanjaya", you ask? Good question!

(Nice lead in huh? lol)

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were watching the finale of American Idol on time shifting. Jack decided he wanted to have a little late night party and joined us. Ryan Seacrest came out to announce Sanjaya's performance and something about the way he said "Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Sanjaya" made Jack laugh hysterically. We liked the giggles it incited from him so we have started saying it in a gruff, low tone. "San-jay-a!" Jack thinks it's great and will repeat in the same tone, "A-ya-ya!!"

Sadly, that's the only tale I have to share for now. I hope this helps to satisfy your curiosity. Keep on reading!


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