Happy Birthday, Canada!

“Canada will be a strong country when Canadians of all provinces feel at home in all parts of the country, and when they feel that all Canada belongs to them.” ~ Pierre Elliott Trudeau

A day late, but heartfelt wishes nonetheless! 141 years old. Wow! The changes Canada has seen in that time... Can you imagine?

My internet service has been sporadic at best lately. I will extend my apologies now for starting July off with a rash of posts in one day (that is, if I get to posting the ones I have stored). I have been writing them in a word pad file waiting to be able to publish them and figured I would do that while I have a few minutes of down time today. If not today then soon!

We've been off galavanting once again. This time to Point Pelee National Park in Amherstberg, Ontario. What a beautiful park that is. The kids had a great time hiking the marsh boardwalk, seeing baby swallows being fed and turning their bums out of the nest to poop (Alice! She thought it was hysterical and could have spent the day there watching them). We took a canoe ride up the marsh where we saw painted turtles, red winged blackbirds, a green spotted frog and hundreds of beautiful water lillies dotting the pond. The weather was perfect for riding our bikes up to the education centre where we spent a little time exploring the displays before hopping on the bus to the "point".

Brad and I visited Point Pelee a couple of times pre-kids and loved it. What a difference in the last 10 years though. Back then you could walk out on to the point for about 50+ feet. Now it is basically just a sandbar where seagulls perch and sun themselves, and the cut off for pedestrians is a pile of rocks at a blunt end. The erosion from the lake is amazing but sad.

It is also a very dangerous area. Many people have been sucked in by the undertow over the years and drowned, so of course I was a litte uptight every time Jack or Alice even put a toe in the water. We spent about 15 minutes there skipping stones, finding a few seashells and watching the seagulls do a little air show for us, then headed back to safer ground.

We spent our Canada Day at a Pioneer Village where we saw demonstrations (in full costume!) of activities at the time of Confederation. A vintage baseball game, stilts that the kids could walk on, fiddle music in a church, fresh squeezed lemonade and more kept us busy for a few hours. Then home for a nice little campfire before Alice and I headed out to watch the fireworks. It was a nice display. Short I felt, but nice. I love fireworks. Especially when put to music. I always get a little "rush" watching them.

Brad starts his holidays next week, so I'm sure my time for blogging will once again be limited. I will be back though. Don't leave me just yet! ;o)


PS: If you read this blog before I get some pictures added, be sure to check back later!

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Lisa said...

Hey you, great to see you back. I've been checking in over the months to see if you'd made it back...imagine my delight this morning when I see you had! Have a great time on your latest adventure in TO, hope to read about it soon!