Long Point

Last Sunday we took a little trip to the beach at Long Point Provincial Park. It's a gorgeous park located on a 40 km sand spit on Lake Erie, and one of the nicest beaches I have ever set foot on in Canada.

The wind was up and the waves were quite high on the day of our visit, but the water was warm and shallow. We had a wonderful time "wave crashing" and splashing around in the water. And I, of course, had a marvellous time taking pictures with my new camera. Enjoy!

Jack climbing up on a drifted log, thinking he would be safe from the waves.
Now you see him...

... and now you don't. It hit that log and sprayed right over top of him.
Off the log he went. Alice had a great laugh over it, but it didn't deter Jack from running into the oncoming waves again and again.

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