Say cheese!

"You'd think he was the first person to ever lose a tooth!" ~ Judy Blume

Alice lost her first tooth last Friday. It had been wiggling for what seemed like an eternity, before laying completely flat for a few days (gag) and eventually coming out with a little tug from Alice. I must tell you, I have a serious aversion for anything to do with teeth. *shivers* I keep having to remind myself that this is the first of many that she is going to lose, and Jack next. Ugh. It should get easier by then, I'm sure. Oh, man, I pray!

The tooth fairy came that evening, and what a lucky girl she is! She was left $5 and a book with a note stating that first teeth are extra special, and the rest of her teeth are valued at $2 a piece. I checked with other moms to see what they were doing, so we wouldn't blow our cover. I can't get over the rate of inflation on teeth though. I remember getting a quarter! But then, that was 30 years ago... *sigh*

Gotta love a cute, toothless grin!

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