A two beaked bird?!

This blog post would be so much more interesting if I had a photo to accompany it, but alas this rascally little bird will not let me get a picture of him. So bare with me while I try to describe it as best as possible.

While enjoying the back yard a couple of weeks ago, I noticed this strange looking little Starling who kept coming to visit the neighbour's bird feeder. He always appeared to have his beak open like he was gawking at something, or waiting for food to drop in it. I laughed at him and watched as he pranced around the lawn looking for seeds and worms.

On one of his visits he stopped in our yard. It was then that I noticed his beak wasn't open ... he has 2 beaks! Or rather, one and a half. He has a full, normal beak on top and another bottom section of a beak below it. The upper beak is fully functioning, but the lower portion doesn't move at all. He does just fine foraging for food, but the other birds don't appear to like him too much. I've seen him dive bombed by his 'mates', and he always flies solo between the yards.

He's such an odd little guy, but he's chunky and healthy looking so I assume he is doing just fine. One of these days I will get a picture of him to add to the blog. I will stalk him like the paparazzi until I get that photo! Think the National Enquirer would be interested in this one....? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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