Mr. Popularity!

For those who don't know me, one of my passions is politics. Particularly, American politics and it's influence on Canadian policies and international relations. One subject I am very passionate about - and arguably sometimes too passionate - is George "Dubya" Bush.

*insert grimacing face here*

It still floors me that he is the President of the United States. You have to laugh sometimes at the things he says and think, "Really??" How did this man get into office? And what is he still doing in office?
One word. Corruption.

If this were any other job for which he was employed, he would have been out the door long ago. I can't believe he was hired in the first place. (And honestly, I really don't believe he was hired.) He took office on petty technicalities and dimpled frigging chads. 'nuff said. But why, after all the lies he has told to draw Americans into a corrupt war based on misleading information, and with only a 27% approval rating - the lowest in US history! - has this man not been impeached?

The facts are there. They are in black and white! Clinton was impeached for less. Here, have a look at the reasons for impeachment for both, and tell me which truly deserves it.

George W. Bush and his merry band of men has led the American people into a war based on falsifications and misinformation. The war is not about terrorists and protecting the United States from the so called "evil doers". It's about the almighty dollar - oil, foreign interests, power, domination. Adventurism in it's purist form. The war machine is big business, and is often used to hide recessions and depressions in the economy. War temporarily relieves unemployment, creates opportunities for new technologies to evolve, and boosts productivity in many manufacturing areas. Yeah, the boost to the economy almost sounds good, doesn't it? Except for the hundreds of thousands of soldiers and innocent civilians who must give their lives for the war machine...

Nearly half of the annual budget is spent on "defense", and this figure will only rise. Recently Bush vetoed a war spending bill that included a withdrawl time for troops serving in Iraq. Today he was pleased to sign this $120 billion bill with the conditions for withdrawl removed. And hold on to your hats, folks. He predicts a particularly bloody August in Iraq. Are you surprised? What with all the money he's got now for toys and troops, he's gonna spend the wad! And I bet he'll spend a little on himself, ride a missile on in there clad in fire and bullet proof clothing, and take out some of those Iraqi bastards! Yeeeehaw!

Ahem. Sorry... I'm getting off track here. I tend to do that when it comes to G Dub. You need to slap me back into shape once in a while. The point is, Bush needs to go. And he needs to go NOW. Why just wait out the next year? To me it feels like a bad marriage that one partner is staying in just because they don't know how to get out.

America: You CAN get out of this marriage! There is help out there for you! Stop being the victim of your President and his homies. Impeach Bush, now!

If only I was an American, I would sign that petition. I would rise up on Capitol Hill and let my voice be heard! I'd throw eggs at him! Okay, maybe not... I saw what the security was like when Nelson Mandela visited Washington, DC. Snipers on rooftops, a 'secret agent' on a bike dressed like a civilian but talking into his wrist. Yeah, I'll save the eggs. But, ooooh I'd want to!

I'd hope for a miracle, but I'm going to guess this world must tolerate one more year of Dub. My heart is heavy, but my hands are tied.

All in all, I thank the heavens I'm Canadian!

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Lisa said...

oh how I detest that man! My mil and I have some pretty heated arguments about him, I can't understand how anyone can support the man and his policies!
I may have to send those "Ten Reasons to Impeach President Bush and VP Dick Cheney" to her just to thoroughly piss her off! lol