By Jove, I think he's talking!

I think my wee Jack is finally starting to give us some words. Of course, as soon as I say he's not talking he makes a liar out of me. (Good boy, Jack!)

Yesterday at the school we were walking with a friend that Jack adores. As I was buckling him into the car seat I said to Jack, "Say, bye Theresa!". Jack lifted his little hand in a wave and said, "eye-e-ha". The two of us looked at each other shocked and let out a cheer in the parking lot!

Today I was giving him a box of raisins for snack. He was reaching for them very excitedly, and as I handed them to him I said, "Mmm, raisins!". He took the box and - I swear I'm not grasping at straws! - said "ai-ins".

It sounds like he is dropping the first consonant, but that is fine with me. I'll take anything to "uh!" at this point. Anything! At least we know what to look for now and can maybe start deciphering more of his "Thai".

Oh, and we can add to the list: hi, hi-ya and hey!

Houston, we have a talker!

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Lisa said...

yeah! Jack! Be careful though, soon Alice will having him chanting "we want chocolate milk" and helping her make pwotest signs