Lock down at the school!

What an interesting day we had today!

My husband called at 2:30 and asked if I could go get Alice, as he would be getting off work a little later and wouldn't make it in time. At 3:00 I woke Jack and we headed off to the school. The sky was looking quite stormy and the wind was starting to pick up. As we drove by the park around the corner, a tree branch began to snap and jutted out over the road. The wind changed and took it the other way, bringing the falling branch to a landing on the sidewalk. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

As we continued on our way, the sky became greenish looking and the rain started to fall. I ran into the school with Jack in my arms and told the teacher that the weather was looking a little eery, so to be careful driving home. Suddenly, the principal came over the loud speaker saying the school was on immediate lock down. Nobody was to exit the school as a tornado had been sighted in the immediate area, and until the all clear was given we were to sit in the halls in the "tornado position" - back to the wall, knees up and heads on our knees.

Several groups of children joined us within minutes in the hallway outside of Alice's classroom. Many of them were terrified and in tears. Alice was a trooper and not really frightened at all. Jack was enthralled by all the kids who were paying attention to him. Nobody assumed the "tornado position" but instead chatted and socialized with their friends, and 30 minutes later we were finally released to go.

Brad said the drive home from work was a little dodgy, and he watched as the wind twisted a tree right at it's trunk and pulled it roots and all from the ground. He put his foot on the gas and prayed he wasn't next to take flight.

I'm not sure if a tornado touched down in the area or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. Quite an interesting day! I've never experienced anything like that before, but definitely felt more comfortable being in the hall at school with no windows and strong walls then I would have at home.

The adventurer in me still wants to catch a picture of a twister one of these days though. Preferably with a very long zoom lens.

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